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Take Charge,

with a Sunshine Box



What is the Sunshine Box ?


The Sunshine Box is a solar paneled charging station that empowers mobile first emerging nations to stay connected by providing electricity to charge phones.

The Sunshine Box's universal ports and compact design allow you to transport the box easily from town to town. With a deep cycle battery and aluminum casing, the Sunshine box is the only charging system to withstand the full environmental challenges in developing nations. These features also make it very attractive to usage in disaster stricken areas.

What is our story?

Our motto is to Take Charge, and we do so by giving it. The Sunshine Box was created from learning about energy poverty that existed in emerging nations. The Sunshine Box evolved from being a freestanding power source to a full time job for locals to sell electricity. Our boxes have been distributed around the world by working with in country organizations to find the right people. The Sunshine Box is constantly being developed to fit the needs of those who use it. We believe in listening to those on the ground and finding ways to support their vision. 


The Sunshine Box is manufactured in St. Joseph, MO at Sunshine Electronic Display Corporation with the highest level of quality. Each box is hand crafted by hard working individuals to meet the requirements for our UL Certification. Before the boxes are shipped, each one is tested for quality control. {Knock on wood} We know our quality is the finest around because the first boxes that were distributed in 2014 have not had any issues.



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