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While our story can be long winded, we will keep it short for the sake of your time. If you want the long story, just email our founder. She is great at going on and on about how she is achieving her life passion. Sometimes we just call it "box-talk", in good humor of course. 

Our founder is a native of St. Joseph, MO and was completing an internship at Sunshine Electronic Display when she learned about energy poverty in developing nations. She went to the President of company she was interning for and told him about an idea she had. With his support and manufacturing company, the Sunshine Box was created. Today, Sunshine Electronic Display is still our proud manufacturer. The company was formally established on May 5, 2015 (Cinco de Mayo!). The company took on the 'doing business as' name of 17 73 Innovation Co as a recognition to the country that inspired the Sunshine Box. The number represent the coordinates for Port-au-Prince Haiti, seventeen degrees north by seventy three west. We know we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for all of our great partners. 



Sunshine Electronic Display


Based in Saint Joseph, Missouri, Sunshine Electronic Display has established a long, rich heritage of outstanding products and unmatched customer service. Founded in 1972, Sunshine continues to utilize the latest technologies to bring customers the boldest, brightest and most reliable pricing solutions available. Today Sunshine is known throughout the country as the leading manufacturer of remotely updated fuel price, hotel rate and lottery jackpot displays.


Power2XYZ || Puerto Rico

Disaster Relief Organization

An organization created amidst the crisis and chaos of Hurricanes Irma and Maria to help provide transparency in disaster relief. A federally recognized 501c3 and Puerto Rican Charity, Power2 finds people to be matched with Sunshine Boxes as a way to live. People who have received boxes through Power2 have used their boxes to charge phones, radios, fans, and medical devices. In Puerto Rico, the Sunshine Box is referred to as the "salvavidas," the life saver because it brought hope in a time of despair.


University of San Diego

Research and Development

The University of San Diego Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering has a senior capstone course that partners with organizations to provide real-world design challenges for students to work on. The partnership with 17 73 Innovation Co consists of 4 students majoring in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Integrated Engineering. These students have been working diligently to design a system that facilitates humanless data capture specifically for impact data metrics.

17 73 Innovation Co

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